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Cost-Effective Solutions

Sealing Specialists also offers waterjet cutting on the 50,000 PSI OMAX Maximum Waterjet, which is suitable for a wide variety of manufacturing options. Waterjet cutting is often the preferred method when the materials being cut are sensitive to the high temperatures generated by other cutting methods. 


Sealing Specialists will evaluate your manufacturing needs to assist in identifying if the product desired may be able to be manufactured with the CNC Laser or with atom knife cutting, which is often more cost effective.


Almost any material, hard or soft, can be cut by the waterjet including aluminum, stainless steelcopper, steel, brassPTFEspring steel, bronze and rubber. The waterjet can be used to produce:

  • shape cutting of ¼” and thicker aluminum

  • short run lots of sheet metal parts

  • converting plate stock to bars

  • custom shims in stainless steel or other materials


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Waterjet Cutting

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