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Cost-Effective Solutions

We offer precision laser cutting from prototype through production using a 4000 watt Prima laser system 5' x 10' shuttle table, allowing for faster and more precise laser cutting. The productivity comes from overcoming the limitations inherent to conventional lasers. Straight line cutting speed is maximized using a resonator with 4000 watts of CW power, beam enhancement optics and 400 PSI assist gas capabilities. CAD software means there are no tooling requirements as the design can be used repeatedly.


With top tier technology, we are capable of forming, drilling, tapping, etching, and grinding. Our standard tolerance is +/- .005"" with an ability to hold +/- .001"" in some cases. We also offer our clients mig and stick welding if needed.


Pick and choose from a wide catalog of products. We can manufacture fasteners, brackets, specialty items, shims or spacers, and custom designs.


Maximum length of 120"

Maximum thickness of .375"

Maximum part size capacity is 120" x 60" x 40"


Carbon steel - .005" to .75"

Stainless steel - .005" to .5"

Aluminum - ..30" to .25"

Spring steel - .015" to .375"

Galvanized - .015" to .375" 

CNC Laser Cutting

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